Conjunct Dubitative Neutral or CDN (# 14)

ᓀᐹᐧᑫ᙮ Click here to hear this word nepaakwe. I do not know whether s/he is asleep.
ᒋᒋᔅᒉᔨᒫᐤ ᐋ ᓀᐹᐧᑫ᙮ Click here to hear this word chichischeyimaau aa nepaakwe Do you know if she is sleeping?

Initial change is required for the present tense forms in this conjugation when there is no preverb. For example, the dictionary form of ᐹᒀ naapaakwaa is ᐹᐤ nipaau. The vowel of the first syllable i was changed to aa.

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