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Two (2) things are required in either Macintosh or Windows operating systems in order to type in Cree syllabics: (1) both a font (for the different character shapes) and (2) a keyboard (providing an input method of typing those shapes). Today’s standards require Unicode fonts.

BJCreeUNI Font Image

To learn the syllabics and to see the mapping between the roman and syllabic orthographies , view the Syllabics Chart (requires Adobe Flash)-complete with spoken sounds (download it here)

Most people today type using the roman keyboard where each cree character corresponds to a series of roman characters on the QWERTY keyboard. Some people still use the creeboard where each cree character corresponds to only key (on the QWERTY keyboard)

The following PACKAGES provide a keyboard that will work with ALL Unicode syllabic fonts that are presently available. (Note: These are the free versions and may not work with all applications).

Package for Macintosh:

Download FREE BASIC Package for Macintosh computers
, Mac OS X (10.3) and up

This package works on (Mac) OS X starting with 10.3 (Panther). It is free, and you use the installation instructions here: How to Set Up Cree Fonts on Mac.

Packages for Windows:

Download FREE BASIC Package for PC computers, Windows 7 and up


Keyman Desktop (Light or Professional) is currently the only reliable method for keyboarding Cree syllabics on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

If you just need a syllabic font you can download our BJCree Uni font files.

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