Spelling East Cree (Southern) – Syllabic Finals

The use of the (h) ᔮᐦᔮᐙᑭᓐ

The (h) symbol is a difficult one to use correctly. There are a few places where it is used predictably, mostly in grammatical endings, but otherwise, you have to train yourself to hear it when someone pronounces a word.

The (h) symbol does not occur at the beginning of a word, except in names.

ᐁᓐᕇ ᐋᐧᐋᕐᑦ ᐋᕇ
ᐁᓕᓐ ᐋᑏ ᐁᕠᕐ

Note that for certain words, the (h) symbol may be used more often in the Inland dialect than in the Coastal dialect.

ᐁᑳ ᐃᓈᓅᒡ Coastal
ᐁᑳ ᐃᓈᓅ Inland

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