Independent Indicative Preterit (#03)

ᔖᔥ ᒋᑭ ᓂᐹᐦ᙮ shaash chiki nipaah. You should go to sleep now!

The Independent Indicative Preterit conjugation (#03) is used for recommendations, opinions, and suggestions.

It is found with the future preverbs chiki , niki or chiki:

ᔖᔥ ᒋ ᓂᐹ shaash chiki nipaah. s/he should go to sleep now!
ᔖᔥ ᓂ ᓂᐹ shaash niki nipaah. I should go to sleep now!

The past preverb ᒌᐦ chiih can also be combined with this conjugation:

ᔖᔥ ᒋ ᒌᐦ ᓂᐹ shaash chiki chiih nipaah. you should already have gone to sleep!

The volitional preverb ᐧᐄᐦ wiih as well:

ᔖᔥ ᒋ ᐧᐄᐦ ᓂᐹ shaash chiki wiih nipaah. you should try and sleep now!

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