Conjunct Indicative Neutral-Subjunctive or CIN-S (#12a)

ᓂᐹᑌ ᓂᑲ ᑕᑯᔑᓐ᙮ Click here to hear this word nipaate nika takushin. When s/he is sleeping, I will come.
After she falls asleep, I will come.

These forms are used to say that something must happen before something else can happen. It is usually found with another verb in the future.

ᓃᐴᑌ ᓂᑲ ᐧᐋᐸᒫᐤ᙮ Click here to hear this word niipuute nika waapamaau. When he stands up, I will see him.

Initial change is not used with this conjugation.

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