Conjunct Indicative Neutral – Habitual/Iterative or CH (#12b)

ᓀᐹᒡᐦ ᐳᐧᐊᒨ᙮ Click here to hear this word nepaach-h puwamuu. Whenever s/he sleeps, s/he dreams.
ᐃᔮᐦᑯᓯᒡᐦ ᒫᑑ᙮ Click here to hear this word iyaahkusich-h maatuu. Whenever s/he is sick, s/he cries.

These forms are used to say that something happens at the same time as something else, whenever it happens.

Initial change is required on these verbs when there is no preverb. For example, the dictionary form of ᐹᒡᐦ naapaachh is ᐹᐤ nipaau. The vowel of the first syllable i was changed to aa.

Conjugation Tables