Nouns with Vocative inflection

ᓂᒧᔔᒻ Click here to hear this word nimushuum my grandfather
ᓂᒧᔔ nimushuu (my) grandfather!
ᓂᒧᔔᒥᑎᒄ nimushuumitikw (my) grandfathers!

When one speaks to someone and addresses them, there is a special suffix -itikw that shows up in the plural. In the singular, the end of the word can change. This is called vocative and it is not used much anymore by younger speakers.

ᓅᐦᑯᒻ Click here to hear this word nuuhkum my grandmother
ᓅᐦᑰ nuuhkuu grandmother!
ᓅᐦᑯᒥᑎᒄ Click here to hear this word nuuhkumitikw grandmothers!
ᓅᐦᑖᐧᐄ nuuhtaawii my father
ᓅᐦᑖ nuuhtaa father!
ᐅᐦᑖᐧᐄᒫᐅᑎᒄ uuhtaawiimaautikw fathers!
ᓂᑳᐧᐄ nikaawii my mother
ᓈᑳ naakaa mother!
ᐅᑳᐧᐄᒫᐅᑎᒄ ukaawiimaautikw mothers!