Spelling East Cree (Northern) – Syllabic Finals

and at the end of a word

Most words end in , only a small number end in .

ᑯᑎ ᒥᓂᔥᑎ
ᐄᔥᑯᑎ ᐄᔨᔮᐦᑎ
ᐅᒑ ᒥᔅᒑ
ᐱᔮᐦᑎᐦ ᐐᓂᐹ
ᐅᓃᔥ ᐐᓂᔥ
ᔖᐙᔨᒥ ᐙᓵᓂᐦᑖᑭᓈᐱᔅ
ᓲᐦ ᐋᔪᐦ
ᐱᒑᐃ ᒥᓂᐦᐄ
ᒍᐙᔥ ᒋᔮᔥ
ᐅᔅᒋᔅ ᐊᑆᓈᔅ
ᒫᔅᒌᔅ ᐙᐱᔅ
ᐄᔨ ᑯᐃᔅ

You must pay attention to and at the end of verbs.

ᑳ ᑭᓂᐙᔨᐦᑎᐦ ᑳ ᑭᓂᐙᔨᐦᑎᒫ
ᑳ ᐅᑖᒥᐦᐋᐦ / ᑳ ᐅᑖᒫᐦ ᑳ ᐅᑎᑖᒥᐦᐊᒫ

For words ending in be careful to write ᐱ, ᑎ, ᔑ, ᓂ and not ᐳ, ᑐ, ᔓ, ᓄ before final .

Write… Not…
ᒥᔥᑎᒄ ᒥᔥᑐᒄ
ᐊᒋᓈᐱᒄ ᐊᒋᓈᐳᒄ
ᔑᒄ ᒌᔓᒄ
ᐅᔥᒌᔑᒄ ᐅᔥᒌᔓᒄ
ᐄᔨᔮᐦᑎᒄ ᐄᔨᔮᐦᑐᒄ
ᒥᓂᔥᑎᒄ ᒥᓂᔥᑐᒄ
ᔒᐹᔮᐦᑎᒄ ᔒᐹᔮᐦᑐᒄ
ᔒᐹᔥᑎᒄ ᔒᐹᔥᑐᒄ
ᐧᐄᓯᒋᐱᒄ ᐧᐄᓯᒋᐳᒄᐦ

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