Derived Nouns

Nouns ending in -siu (Names for profession)

ᐋᐃᐦᑯᓈᐦᒑᐤ᙮   ᐋᐃᐦᑯᓈᐦᒑᓯᐤ
aaihkunaahchaau. = aaihkunaahchaasiu
S/he makes bannock.   bannock maker

When the suffix -siu is added to a VAI verb stem, it gives an animate noun used to describe a profession or the work that someone does.

VAI Verb>NA Noun
ᒋᔅᑯᑎᒫᒑᐤ᙮ chiskutimaachaau. S/he teaches. ᒋᔅᑯᑎᒫᒑᓯᐤ chiskutimaachaasiu teacher
ᒋᔅᒋᓄᐦᐊᒫᒑᓯᐤ chischinuhamaachaasiu teacher (older word)
ᓵᒋᐦᐄᐧᐋᐤ᙮ saachihiwaau. S/he loves. ᓵᒋᐦᐄᐧᐋᓯᐤ saachihiiwaasiu a loving person
ᒋᔅᑖᐹᐧᐃᒋᒑᐤ᙮ chistaapaawichichaau. S/he washes. ᒋᔅᑖᐹᐧᐃᒋᒑᓯᐤ chistaapaawichichaasiu laundry person
ᐋᐃᐦᑯᓈᐦᒑᐤ᙮ aaihkunaahchaau. S/he makes bannock. ᐋᐃᐦᑯᓈᐦᒑᓯᐤ aaihkunaahchaasiu bannock maker
ᐲᐧᓵᔮᐃᐦᑯᓈᐦᒑᐤ᙮ piiswaayaaihkunaahchaau. S/he makes bread. ᐲᐧᓵᔮᐃᐦᑯᓈᐦᒑᓯᐤ piiswaayaaihkunaahchaasiu bread maker
ᓂᑭᒨ᙮ nikimuu. S/he sings. ᓂᑭᒧᓯᐤ nikimusiu singer
ᐱᒥᓂᐧᐋᐤ᙮ piminiwaau. S/he cooks. ᐱᒥᓂᐧᐋᓯᐤ piminiwaasiu cook
ᒥᓂᐦᐧᑳᐤ᙮ minihkwaau. S/he drinks. ᒥᓂᐦᐧᑳᓯᐤ minihkwaasiu drinker
ᔑᔓᐦᐄᒑᐤ᙮ shishuhiichaau. S/he paints. ᔑᔓᐦᐄᒑᓯᐤ shishuhiichaasiu painter
ᐧᐋᐱᓂᒑᐤ᙮ waapinichaau. S/he throws things away. ᐧᐋᐱᓂᒑᓯᐤ waapinichaasiu garbage person
ᐧᐋᐱᐦᐋᑯᓈᐤ᙮ waapihaakunaau. S/he shovels snow. ᐧᐋᐱᐦᐋᑯᓈᓯᐤ waapihaakunaasiu snowplow operator
ᐧᐋᐱᐦᐄᒑᐤ᙮ waapihiichaau. S/he sweeps. ᐧᐋᐱᐦᐄᒑᓯᐤ waapihiichaasiu sweeper (Wemindji)
ᒋᓯᐦᐄᒑᐤ᙮ chisihiichaau. S/he sweeps. ᒋᓯᐦᐄᒑᓯᐤ chisihiichaasiu sweeper


When these nouns use the possessive prefixes, the -siu part is replaced by -siim, made of the possessive suffix -im.

ᓂᐧᐋᐱᓂᒑᓰᒻ waapinichaasiim my garbage person
ᓂᑎᓵᒥᐦᒑᓰᒻ nitisaamihchaasiim my snowshoe maker
ᓂᒋᔅᑖᐹᐅᒋᒑᓰᒻ nichistaapaauchichaasiim my laundry person
ᐅᒋᔅᑖᐹᐅᒋᒑᓰᒻᐦ uchistaapaauchichaasiimh his laundry person

Some possessed nouns look like they are directly derived from the verb stem.

ᓂᐱᒫᒋᐦᐄᐙᒻ nipimaachihiiwaam my life giver