East Cree Consonants

East Cree has nine consonants and two semi-consonants (glides) which are listed below with their corresponding sounds. They can be grouped according to their linguistic quality. The technical terms at the end of each table row are linked to more detailed descriptions of how these sounds are pronounced.

P /p/ T /t/ K /k/ (plosives)
CH /tʃ/ (affricate)
S /s/ SH /ʃ/ H /h/ (fricatives)
M /m/ N /n/ (nasals)
W /w/ Y /j/ (glides)

The /w/ sound in East Cree is sometimes written with U and sometimes with W. For an introduction and further links, see the page on how to write Cree.

One sound that is often heard at the end of word ending in a vowel is the glottal stop. This sound, however, is not written and therefore doesn’t correspond to a letter in the Cree Roman alphabet.