Nouns with two elements


ᐅᓵᐤ + ᔅᒄ ᐅᓵᐅᔅᒄ
usaau + skw = Click here to hear this word usaauskw
brown + bear brown bear

The word ᐅᓵᐅᔅᒄ usaauskw brown bear is made from the initial ᐅᓵᐤ usaau- brown and a shorter form of the noun ᒪᔅᒄ maskw bear. A short form like ᔅᒄ -skw cannot be used on its own, but only when attached to something else.

Many animal names occur with both a long form and, when modified, a short form.

Long Form Short Form Complex Noun
ᐊᒥᔅᒄ -ᒥᔅᒄ ᒋᓵ ᒥᔅᒄ ᒋᓵᒥᔅᒄ
amiskw -miskw chisaa + miskw = Click here to hear this word chisaamiskw
beaver beaver old beaver adult beaver
ᓂᔅᒃ -ᔅᒃ ᓅᔖ ᔅᒃ ᓅᔖᔅᒃ
nisk -(i)sk nuushaa + sk = Click here to hear this word nuushaask
goose goose female goose female goose
ᒪᔅᒄ -ᔅᒄ ᓅᔖ ᔅᒄ ᓅᔖᔅᒄ
maskw -skw nuushaa + skw = nuushaaskw
bear bear female bear female bear
ᐧᐋᐱᔥᑖᓐ -ᐋᐱᔥᑖᓐ ᓅᔖ ᐱᔥᑖᓐ ᓅᔖᔮᐱᔥᑖᓐ
waapishtaan -aapishtaan nuushaa + y + aapishtaan = uushaayaapistaan
marten marten female marten female marten
ᑳᒄ -ᐋᒄ ᓅᔖ ᐋᒄ ᓅᔖᔮᒄ
kaakw -aakw nuushaa + y + aakw = Click here to hear this word nuushaayaakw
porcupine porcupine female porcupine female porcupine
ᐧᐋᐳᔥ -ᐋᐳᔥ ᓅᔖ ᐋᐳᔥ ᓅᔖᔮᐳᔥ
waapush -aapush nuushaa + y + aapush = nuushaayaapush
rabbit rabbit female rabbit female rabbit
ᔒᔒᑉ -ᔑᑉ ᓅᔖ ᔑᑉ ᓅᔖᔑᑉ
shiishiip -ship nuushaa + ship = nuushaaship
duck duck female duck female duck
ᐊᒋᑳᔥ -ᒋᑳᔥ ᓅᔖ ᒋᑳᔥ ᓅᔖᒋᑳᔥ
achikaash -chikaash nuushaa + chikaash = Click here to hear this word nuushaachikaash
mink mink female mink female mink
ᐊᑎᒻ -ᔥᑎᒻ ᓅᔖ ᔥᑎᒻ ᓅᔖᔥᑎᒻ
atim -shtim nuushaa + shtim = Click here to hear this word nuushaashtim
dog dog female dog female dog
ᐊᑎᐦᒄ -ᑎᐦᒄ ᓈᐹ ᑎᐦᒄ ᓈᐹᑎᐦᒄ
atihkw -tihkw naapaa + tihkw = Click here to hear this word naapaatihkw
caribou caribou male caribou male caribou
ᒥᐦᒑᔑᐤ -ᐃᐦᒑᔑᐤ ᐧᐋᑉ ᐃᐦᒑᔑᐤ ᐧᐋᐱᒑᔑᐤ
mihchaashiu -ihchaashiu waap + ihchaashiu = Click here to hear this word waapihchaashiu
fox fox white fox white carfoxibou