Independent Indicative Neutral (#01)

ᒋᓂᐹᓐ᙮ chinipaan. You sleep.

The Independent Indicative Neutral (#01) is used alone for things happening now, in the present tense.

The forms of conjugation #01 can combine with many preverbs, for example to indicate the past or the future, or to indicate modality:

Future Past Modality
ᒋᑭ ᓂᐹᓐ᙮ ᒋᒌᐦ ᓂᐹᓐ᙮ ᔖᔥ ᒋᐱᐦ ᓂᐹᓐ ᒌᐦ ᒥᔨᑖᓐ ᐊᓐ ᓂᑐᐦᑯᔨᓐ᙮
chiki nipaan. chichiih nipaan. shaash chipih nipaan chiih miyitaan an nituhkuyin.
You will sleep. You were asleep. You would be sleeping now if I had given you the pill.

The personal prefix is always attached before the preverb. More than one preverb can be combined, for example the volitional preverb ᐧᐄᐦ wiih with past ᒌᐦ chiih or future -ki:

Past Future
ᓂᒌᐦ ᐧᐄᐦ ᓂᐹᓐ᙮ ᓂᑭ ᐧᐄᐦ ᓂᐹᓐ᙮
nichiih wiih nipaan. niki wiih nipaan.
I wanted to sleep. I will want to sleep.
Or the preverb ᒌᐦ chiih ‘can’ with the future – -ki:
ᒋᑭ ᒌᐦ ᐧᐋᐱᒫᐤ
chiki chiih waapimaau aa.
Will you be able to see her/him?

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