Dubitative Pronouns

Dubitative pronouns for places

ᑖᓃᒉ ᐊᓐ ᐊᓵᒻ ᑳ ᐧᐄ ᐋᐸᒋᐦᐄᒃ᙮Click here to hear this wordtaaniiche an asaam kaa wii aapachihiik.
  I don’t know where that snowshoe is that I wanted to use.

ᑖᓃᒉ taaniiche is made up of the pronoun ᑖᓐ taan plus the dubitative inflection. ᑖᓃᒉ taaniiche is used when there is doubt about the location of the person or the thing being discussed. It can be used alone or with a noun.

Note that we can sometimes hear the trace of a syllable which used to be there but is no longer pronounced. All we hear today is a a little break before the -che, called a glottal stop,  which is not written in Southern East Cree (In the Northern dialect these pronouns are written with an extra -chi).

AnimateClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉᐦClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉᐦ
  Click here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉᓂᐦᐄ    
InanimateClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉᓂᒡClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉᓐᐦClick here to hear this wordᑖᓃᒉᓐᐦ


ᑖᓃᒉ ᐊᓂᔦᓀ ᓂᒪᓯᓇᐦᐄᑲᓐ᙮Click here to hear this wordtaaniiche aniyene nimasinahiikan.
  Wherever can my missing book be? [see absentatives]
ᑖᓃᒉᓂᒡ ᐊᓂᒌ ᐊᓵᒪᒡ ᑳᐧᐄ ᐋᐸᒋᐦᐄᐧᑳᐤ᙮Click here to hear this wordtaaniichenich anichii asaamach kaawii aapachihiikwaau.
  Wherever can those snowshoes that I wanted to use be?
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