Spelling Manual (Southern) – ᐃ, ᐄ and

New spelling for ᑖᐤ and ᑕᑯᓐ, ᑐᑕᒻ and ᑐᑕᐧᐁᐤ

Note that the words ᐃᐦᑖᐤ and ᐃᐦᑕᑯᓐ, ᐃᐦᑑᑕᒻ and ᐃᐦᑑᑕᐧᐁᐤ, begin with ᐃᐦ… which is often not pronounced. Nevertheless it is written. It can be heard clearly when a prefix is added to the word or the first vowel is changed.

Write… Not…
ᐦᑖᐤ ᑖᐤ
ᐦᑕᑯᓐ ᑕᑯᓐ
ᐦᑑᑕᒻ ᑑᑕᒻ
ᐦᑑᑕᐧᐁᐤ ᑑᑕᐧᐁᐤ

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