Conjunct Dubitative Preterit or CDP (#15)

ᒌ ᓂᐹᑯᐸᓀ᙮ Click here to hear this word chii nipaakupane. S/he slept, but I did not know.

These forms are used to say that the speaker did not know what happened at the time it happened, but knows it now. It is used to express the speaker’s past doubt about an action.

ᒌ ᓂᐹᑯᐸᓀ ᑌᐱᔅᑳᔨᒡ᙮ Click here to hear this word chii nipaakupane tepiskaayich. We did not know that s/he slept at his place last night.
ᑲᒫ ᒌ ᐧᐋᐸᒫᐅᒋᐸᓀ᙮ Click here to hear this word kamaa chii waapamaauchipane. If only I could have seem him/her.

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