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Cree Conversation CD and Manual / CD et Manuel de conversation crie, by/par Louise Blacksmith, Marie-Odile Junker, Marguerite MacKenzie, Luci Bobbish Salt , Annie Whiskeychan. 2002. Manual : Free to download / CD: Purchase Necessary

The East Cree Spelling Manual (Northern dialect), by Alice Duff, Linda Visitor,Marguerite MacKenzie, and Marie-Odile Junker, based on the 2006 version by Marguerite MacKenzie and Luci Bobbish Salt. © 2017 Cree School Board Free to download  Order a printed manual.

The East Cree Spelling Manual (Southern dialect), by Anna Blacksmith, Emily Cooper, Patricia Diamond, Pearl Weistche, Greta Cheechoo, Marguerite MacKenzie, and Marie-Odile Junker, based on the 2004 version by (the late) Annie Whiskeychan, Marguerite MacKenzie, Daisy Moar, Ruth Salt and Ella Neeposh. © 2017 Cree School Board Free to download   Order a printed manual.


Comparative Structures of East Cree and English. By Marie-Odile Junker, Marguerite MacKenzie & Julie Brittain. 2012. This free, downloadable booklet was created for English speaking teachers. It describes the main characteristics and structural differences existing between East Cree and English. As well, this booklet contains advice on how to teach English and East Cree bilingually.

A similar booklet is available for French. Order PRINT copies (English), (French) here.

Adapting the Bilingual Aphasia Test for East Cree speakers: Recommendations for the Cree Health Board. By Roxana-Maria Barbu, Marie-Odile Junker & Mimie Neacappo Carleton University. 2016.

These recommendations were made at the request of Speech Therapists working in James Bay, who were struggling with misdiagnosis of Cree children’s language acquisition. It might be useful for teachers as it outlines some differences between English/French and Cree that are often overlooked, when assessment material coming from English is used without discrimination.

(For more Speech Language Pathology ressources, click here.)

The East Cree Resource Book (Northern dialect), by (the late) Annie Whiskeychan and Luci Salt. © 2004 Cree School Board Free to download. This has been replaced by the Thematic Dictionary since 2013.

The East Cree Resource Book (Southern dialect), by (the late) Annie Whiskeychan and Daisy Moar. © 2002 Cree School Board Free to download. This has been replaced by the Thematic Dictionary since 2013.

East Cree Mathematics– Terminology Workshop Report: an exploration of mathematical concepts in traditional culture and in the Cree language- February 2007 Free to download

Cree syllabics resource worksheets-booklet One., Prepared by Pearl Weistche and Ruth Salt. 25 pages. © 2009 Cree School Board. Free to download

Cree to English – A scanned copy of a guide written by M. Soveran in the ’60s to teach English sounds to (Plains and Woodland) Cree speakers. University of Saskachewan. Free to download

The Future of Cree, by Julie Brittain and Marguerite MacKenzie. 2010. A discussion of the future of the East Cree language including recommended steps to take in order to keep it alive. Free to download

An on-line bibliography of papers written by linguists to describe the structure and use of the East Cree language:

East Cree Language Bibliography (up to 2012)

On-line Catalogues

Catalogue of Cree Stories and other oral material

Catalogue of Eastern James Bay Cree educational material

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Other Downloads

A Syllabics Chart -complete with spoken sounds (download it here)

Map of the Cree dialects of Canada, by Marguerite MacKenzie © 2003.

Answer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : Most of the questions people asked us (or we asked ourselves) during the early days of this project.(Also in PDF format).