Syllabic font orientation

Not all unicode fonts will display East Cree syllabics properly

As unicode becomes the de facto standard for text encoding and representation in computing, a number of universal fonts have pushed to include as many unicode characters as possible.
However some had not paid attention to regional differences in representation. When it comes to Eastern James Bay Cree (a.k.a East Cree) syllabics this was very much the case. Although some unicode fonts may contain syllabics, often the orientation may be out of alignment with the regional orthography. In the case of the East Cree, one such scenario the sh+vowel. Below is a illustration of Correct vs Incorrect orientation of East Cree syllabics.

As of 2022 this issue has been fixed for most fonts. However, if you have old documents in which the old font was embedded you will need to replace that font.
If syllabics in yellow looks like the text in green it means that you have the corrected font
shi sha shu she
BJCree Uni
Arial MS
Euphemia UCAS

In conclusion if your syllabic text does not have the proper orientation of the character as per your regional orthography, switch to a regional specific font! In East Cree use BJCree UNI or visit this page for more font choices