ᒫᓱ Maasu

Told by Job Kapawapit, transcribed and translated by Luci Salt, commentary by Marguerite MacKenzie.

ᑳᒌ ᐊᔨᒥᐦᒡ Kaachii ayimihch – ‘Hard Times’

A story by Lizzie Edwards, retold here by Louise Blacksmith.

Lizzie Edwards from Mistissini, tells us a story of hardship, from when she was a child. Between 1930 and 40, there was a very difficult period for the Mistissini Innu. Non-native trappers exploited Mistissini traplines resulting in the trapping out of many species; much hunger resulted from game shortages and much disease was brought in by the increasing numbers of visitors (government officials, prospectors, surveyors) from the south. For more information, consult the Culture page of the Mistissini Nation website.