Projects Summaries

The website would not exist without the continuous funding of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and support of the Cree School Board / Cree Programs department as main partner. The following is a chronological list of the SSHRC-funded projects since 2000 that made this possible, with a brief description of each project. Other funding sources are listed at the end.

The Developing a Common digital structure for Algonquian Language project: Dictionaries and Linguistic atlas (2014-present) continues the original creation project while sharing many of its successes with other Algonquian Languages groups. In return, East Cree benefits from developments taking place in sister languages, and is part of a community of resource developers who take at heart the maintenance and transmission of their language to future generations. [see Summary]

Principal Investigator: Prof. Marie-Odile Junker, Carleton University (East Cree, Innu, Atikamekw)


  • Prof. Marguerite MacKenzie, Memorial University (Innu, East Cree, Naskapi, Cree-Innu dialects)
  • Prof. Nicole Rosen, University of Manitoba (Michif)
  • Prof. Inge Geene, University of Lethbridge (Blackfoot)
  • Prof. Arok Wolvengrey, First Nation University (Plains Cree and other Western Cree dialects)

Main Dictionaries collaborators:

  • Prof. Mary-Ann Corbiere, Laurentian University (Nishnaabemwin)
  • Prof. Rand Valentine, University of Wisconsin (Anishnaabemowin dialects)
  • Prof. C.Douglas Ellis, Carleton University (Moose and Eastern Swampy Cree)
  • Prof. Jean Okimasis, Fist Nation University (Plains Cree)

Partners (for East Cree only):

The Online Ressources for living languages Project (2010-2015) continued the project, while expanding it to other interested partners involved in the Cree-Innu linguistic atlas, that grew into an entire Algonquian language family atlas. During this time, a thematic dictionary of East Cree was developed, and many new features added to the website.

The Cree Living Language Encyclopedia Project (2004-2011) expanded the original creation project. It was a collaborative effort involving James Bay Cree people in the creation of an on-line Cree Encyclopedic Dictionary and involving other Cree and Innu people in the creation of a Multimedia Linguistic Atlas of the Cree-Innu languages and dialects. [ PDF Summary (2004)]

Principal Investigator: Prof. Marie-Odile Junker, Carleton University

Co-investigator: Prof. Marguerite MacKenzie, Memorial University

Partners: Cree Programs/Curriculum, Cree School Board

Partners for the Atlas only:

The Interactive Cree Language Project (2001-2004) was a collaborative effort  between Cree Programs, of the Cree School Board and Carleton University linguist, Prof. Marie-Odile Junker. The goal was to involve more speakers and Cree youth in documenting the Cree language. By using the many tools offered by the Internet, the process of documenting the language becomes a vehicle for its maintenance and vitality. Other collaborators and advisors on the project were Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie, Memorial University, Bill Jancewicz, an expert in syllabic fonts, and Cree linguists Luci Salt and Louise Blacksmith. (For a complete list of people involved see Credits.) More generally, the project investigates how to drive the development of new technologies in culturally appropriate ways.

The web site is tri-lingual: Cree, English and French. One of its goals is to promote Cree language survival. In addition to researching the Cree language, these projects also includes technical research for putting syllabic fonts and sound files on the web, in discussion groups and in relational databases.

Cree students selected by the School Board can be offered work-training opportunities on the project (Contact Cree Programs if you want to apply).

Funding Sources

  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council
  • Cree School Board /Cree Programs and Cree Curriculum
  • Cree Heath Board
  • Niskamoon Corporation (via CSB)
  • Heritage Canada (via CSB)

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