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Northern Dialect

Junker, M.-O. & MacKenzie, M. (Eds.). (2010-2014). East Cree (Northern Dialect) Verb Conjugation (3rd ed.). Retrieved from

Junker, Marie-Odile, and Marguerite MacKenzie, eds. East Cree (Northern Dialect) Verb Conjugation (3rd ed.). 2010-2014. Web. [Date].

[Date] = the date you accessed the app, styled as follows: 13 Dec. 2013


Southern Dialect

Junker, M.-O., & MacKenzie, M. (Eds.). (2011-2014). East Cree (Southern Dialect) Verb Conjugation (3rd ed.). Retrieved from

Junker, Marie-Odile, and Marguerite MacKenzie, eds. East Cree (Southern Dialect) Verb Conjugation (3rd ed.). 2011-2014. Web. [Date].

[Date] = the date you accessed the app, styled as follows: 13 Dec. 2013

Project Directors, Editors

Marie-Odile Junker Marguerite MacKenzie

Programming and Updates of the Applet

Delasie Torkornoo (2007-present) Terry Stewart (2005)

Database Design

The original design was created in a Toolbox database developed by Bill Jancewicz for Naskapi verbs in the late 1990s, before being adapted and expanded to East Cree in 2001-2002 by Bill Jancewicz & Marie-Odile Junker.

It was further developed by Marie-Odile Junker, Terry Stewart (2005), and Delasie Torkornoo (2007-present) with subsequent alterations continuing to date to be compatible with the applet, the online dictionary and the inflected verb forms search engine. (

  • Publication:
    • Junker, Marie-Odile & Stewart. 2008. Building Search Engines for Algonquian Languages. In Karl S. Hele and Regna Darnell (eds.). Papers of the 39th Algonquian Conference. London: University of Western Ontario Press, 378-411.

History of Documentation of East Cree verbs

Initial data collection of East Cree verb conjugations by Marguerite MacKenzie (1969-1981):

  • Documentation by Marguerite MacKenzie started in the winter of 1969-70 in Montreal and in the summer of 1970 in the community of Mistissini. Philip Awashish served as chief informant, and Demerise Coon Come and her family also helped checking the data.
  • Publication:
    • MacKenzie, Marguerite. 1971. The Eastern (Mistissini) Cree Verb: Derivational morphology. Master’s Thesis, McGill University.
  • More data was collected during the 1970s during courses given by MacKenzie at the native schools’ amerindianization project, organized by Indian Affairs.
  • Publication:
    • MacKenzie, Marguerite & Sandra Clarke. 1981. Dialect relations in Cree/Montagnais/Naskapi: Verb Paradigms. In L. Drapeau (Ed.), Montréal Working Papers in Linguistics, 16:135-191.

Subsequent data collection (1981-2002):

  • Marguerite MacKenzie kept collecting data with Cree Programs staff (up to 1999) during training courses and elicitation workshops. The results were printed in a draft volume: East Cree Verb Paradigms, edited by Marguerite MacKenzie and Luci Salt in February 2001.
  • Sound recording of data: Marie-Odile Junker with Luci Salt and Louise Blacksmith (started in October 2001). This led to many corrections and revisions.
  • This data was transferred under Marie-Odile Junker’s supervision into a Toolbox database during the summer of 2002.

Further data collection (2002-2013):

  • Documentation of various stems and addition of new paradigms, along with the creation of the on-line interactive reference grammar ( Marie-Odile Junker & Marguerite MacKenzie, with Cree Programs staff members (especially Luci Bobbish-Salt, Daisy Moar and Ruth Salt) as well as Louise Blacksmith (for Southern Inland dialect). Many workshops and teleconferences were held over the years.
Ruth Salt (Southern Dialect, 2010) Luci Bobbish-Salt (Northern Dialect, 2009)

Elders and Resource Persons Consulted (Over the Years)

Chisasibi Elsie Duff Waskaganish Elizabeth Jolly
Harry Duff Edwin Jolly
Edith Sam Louise Diamond (late)
Maria Scipio Johnny Whiskeychan (late)
Harry Scipio Alec Weistche
Samuel Bearskin Jimmy Moar
Margaret Bearskin Rupert Erless (late)
Bobby Neacappo Sanders Weistche
Georgie Snowboy Josephine Diamond
Eastmain Florrie Mark-Stewart Patricia Diamond
Mistissini Philip Awashish Wemindji Mary B. Georgekish
Boyce Blacksmith (late) Linda Visitor
Evadney Blacksmith Frances Visitor
Demerise Coon Come Whapmagoostui James Kawapit
Smalley Petawabano (late) Maggie Natachequon
Lauri Petawabano Andrew Natachequon
Waswanipi Allan Kitchen Jimmy George
Mary Blacksmith Vera George

Sound Recording Done at Carleton University (2000-2004)

Voices Of:
Louise Blacksmith (Southern dialect) Luci Salt (Northern dialect)
Frances Visitor (Northern dialect) Alice Duff (Northern dialect)

Research Assistants (at Carleton University)

Sound Editing and Database Entry
Candice Diamond (2002) Thomas Wasipabano (2002)
Margaret Cox (2002, 2004) Suzanne House (2004)
Rhonda Iserhoff (2004) Hank House (2004)
Alison Bobbish (2004)
Data Verification and Morpheme Analysis
Michael David Hamilton (2009-2010) Caitlyn Martinuzzi (2014)
Technical Support
Radu Luchian (2002-2004)

Financial and Institutional Support

Cree School Board, Social Science and Humanities Research Council (grants # 820-2000-2013, 856-2004-1028, 856-2009-0081), Carleton University.


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